David Dearden is widely respected in audio design circles, and to my mind is a far more important innovator than either Malcolm Toft or John Oram, though reticent when it comes to singing his own praises. Having designed several of the classic Soundcraft desks in the late 1970’s and 80’s, he struck out on his own with DDA consoles and started with the huge AMR24 – an extremely large desk that offered an alternative to the monsters being offered by NEVE and SSL in the mid 1980’s. However, he saw how the industry was changing when others failed, and designed a series of more compact consoles that anticipated the need for good sounding, well build, low-service modern consoles ideal for smaller rooms or home producer suites. If you find one in good condition, you won’t be disappointed.

For example, ten years ago I advised a new college to invest in a used DMR12 (DDA’s clever twist on a split console, with twelve mic/line inputs and 24 line only monitor inputs with full EQ and auxiliaries), and although the college has relocated twice and is now one of the most successful institutes in London with hundreds of students, that desk is still going strong with a minimum of repairs or service.

Other desks in the series include the QMR (as used by Nicky Ryan to recording the multi-million selling Enya albums). Now available for peanuts, these superbly designed desks remain as relevant to the modern recording suite as ever, despite being trashed in bone-headed recording chatrooms and forums by ignoramuses who’ve never been within a mile of using one and who rave about shoddy modern travesties that rely on big knobs and hype to generate sales. Let them whinge – if you want quality at a bargain price and aren’t snobbish about the name on the tin, there are serious bargains to be had.

Oh, by the way, Mr Dearden is also the talent behind Audient Mixers although to my mind, his DDA desks are superior in just about every respect (and when made cost several times as much).


SQN-4S mini 

A four-input stereo miniature mixer. Four main channels have XLR mic input, bass-cut switches, where mic powering, input attenuators, channel gain and rotary faders are on channels 1 and 2, whereas channels 3 and 4 can be switched between line level and mic level with reduced gain and attenuation. Channels 1 and 2 can also matrix MS into AB stereo. An aux monitor input is also provided. The output section has a master fader, peak or VU meter (which can also show battery level), switchable limiter, internally adjustable tone inject, balanced main outputs on 5-pin XLR, with second balanced and unbalanced outputs on the same multiway connector as aux monitor return (for single cable connection to recorder/camcorder), and third output, unbalanced on 3.5mm jack. Headphone monitoring (A or B gauge jack, adjustable level) is switchable between mixer output and aux input, with MS matrixing available for monitoring MS recordings in AB stereo mode. Built-in slate microphone, LED meter illumination and pre-fade listening on channel 4.


AUDIO MIXERS 4X CHANNELS- SQN-4S_mini series iii

SQN portable mixers are designed to provide the necessary functions when using professional microphones for location recording. Full brochures available on request.

SQN-4S_mini series iii 

The basic information necessary to allow a recording engineer to operate the SQN-4S_mini audio mixer is permanently displayed on its baseplate and cannot be lost. The aim of these instructions is to explain the mixer’s facilities and functions in more detail to those who are already familiar with the microphones and techniques that are employed by professional sound recordists. A four-input stereo miniature mixer. Four main channels have XLR mic input, bass-cut switches, where mic powering, input attenuators, channel gain and rotary faders are on channels 1 and 2, whereas channels 3 and 4 can be switched between line level and mic level with reduced gain and attenuation.

AUDIO MIXERS 8X CHANNELS – 1202 Micro Series

Product description:

The 1202 Micro Series combines serious mix control with portability like never before You get 12 input channels (4 sporting studio grade mic preamps). The 1202 also adds a pair of sends and returns, 2-band EQ, and phantom power all wrapped up in a package that’s easy to take anywhere.

  • 4 channels equipped with studio-grade mic pre-amps
  • Ultralow-noise performance 8 line inputs
  • 2 auxillary sends
  • 2 stereo auxillary returns
  • 2-band activeEQ
  • alt 3/4 stereo bus
  • effects to monitor out
  • Phantom power DC pulse transformer



Product description:

From Mackie:


A compact rack mixer with studio-level performance and versatility!

The Mackie 1642-VLZ PRO Mixer is a perfect mixer for bands, home recording, DJs, video/post/broadcast, and club installations! It has 16 channels (8 mic/line, 2 mic/stereo line, and 2 stereo line) and numerous high-end features: 10 studio-grade XDR mic pre-amps; 8 TRS channel inserts; advanced DC-pulse transformer RF rejection; 60mm long-wearing, log-taper faders; 4 aux sends and 4 stereo aux returns; 3-band active EQ with sweepable mids on mono channels; 4-band active EQ on stereo line channels; 18dB/octave, 75Hz Lo-Cut filters on mic channels; balanced inputs and outputs (except inserts).


  •  Ultralow noise, high headroom
  •  16 channels
  •  8 mic/line, 2 stereo mic/line, 2 stereo line
  •  10 XDR Extended Dynamic Range premium mic preamps
  •  48V phantom power
  •  8 TRS channel inserts
  •  Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection
  •  60mm faders
  •  4 aux sends, level, and pan controls plus -20dB and OL LEDs on each channel
  •  4 stereo aux returns, 8 direct outs
  •  3-band active EQ with sweepable midrange on mono channels
  •  4-band active EQ on stereo channels
  • 18dB/octave 75Hz Lo-Cut filters on mic channels
  • Control Room/Phones multi-input source matrix
  •  Balanced inputs & outputs (except inserts)
  • Steel chassis, sealed rotary controls

A powerful mixer with flexible bus and I/O options, plus that quality Mackie touch


PSC Mjr Mixer

PSC is confident that this new Mjr Mixer has set new standards for portable mixer technologies and features. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions concerning your new mixer. Additionally, we invite you to share your suggestions for new products you would like to see developed. and feature film production. Professional Sound Corporation extends a one-year warranty on parts and labor to all Mjr Mixer owners who return their warranty cards at the time of purchase. This warranty gives you specific rights, which are stated on the card, and enables us to keep you informed of product updates. The PSC Mjr Mixer provides all the functions necessary to produce studio quality recordings in the field. Itís user friendly features, rugged design and sonic purity make the Mjr Mixer perfect for electronic news gathering (ENG) electronic field production (EFP).