HD/SD Portable Production Unit

HD/SD 16 – Channel Digital Video Switcher

The Datavideo SE-3000 has up to 16 HD-SDI Inputs (8 or 16 Inputs as Standard). 
The SE-3000 is a HD live production switcher, with SDI upscaling and an impressive amount of professional features.
Use its 7” touch screen interface to save set ups and change settings like colour adjustment and keying.
Advanced features include; extensive 3D DVE transitions, a high quality Multi-view Preview output, Chroma and Lumakey, Dual PiP, multi-language support and a full size control panel keyboard as well as a separate IP based PC control interface.  An interesting and powerful feature of the SE-3000 is the “Flex Source®” effect, which feels like having a second M/E, for advanced and creative vision mixing.

HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

Datavideo OBV-2800-CCU is a PPU (Portable Production Unit), designed to fit into the back of a small van to provide complete mobile production facilities.It’s a transportable solution for broadcasters and professionals for both in-studio and on-location productions. Built around the latest HD/SD switcher, it supports up to 12 channels of HD/SD-SDI, HDMI or composite video signals. The system is integrated, compact and sturdy with a metal framework for great stability and protection yet provides room for future expansion.

The system is small but fully equipped with functions such as intercom, video transmission, camera control, video recording etc. Datavideo offers a complete product line for all broadcast tasks.

The most unique part of the OBV-2800-CCU design is the AD-2 camera CCU adaptor, which is connected to OBV-2800-CCU using proprietary CB-43/44/45/49 composite cable to eliminate the hassles of complex long cable connection.