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AUDIO MIXERS 4X CHANNELS- SQN-4S_mini series iii

SQN portable mixers are designed to provide the necessary functions when using professional microphones for location recording. Full brochures available on request.

SQN-4S_mini series iii 

The basic information necessary to allow a recording engineer to operate the SQN-4S_mini audio mixer is permanently displayed on its baseplate and cannot be lost. The aim of these instructions is to explain the mixer’s facilities and functions in more detail to those who are already familiar with the microphones and techniques that are employed by professional sound recordists. A four-input stereo miniature mixer. Four main channels have XLR mic input, bass-cut switches, where mic powering, input attenuators, channel gain and rotary faders are on channels 1 and 2, whereas channels 3 and 4 can be switched between line level and mic level with reduced gain and attenuation.